Which are the advantages of your security locks for armoured doors, compared to competition?

Our assortment of security locks is based on a 50-year tradition of our sister company CR Serrature, Turin; especially in Italian and other Mediterranean markets. Following the restructuring within the Securidev Group, in 2010 the complete production of these locks was transferred to Titan, where we continue to modernize and futher develop these products. In short we can say, that our assortment of security locks is comparable with the largest producers  MOTTURA and CISA. In such comparison, our locks are more attractive price-wise, however toward all the third producers we have substantially more models with special functions (blocking function, recoding, etc.)

Which models of Titan cylinders / keys are protected and in which way?

Protection of our cylinder models and/or their keys is relatively new in our company. Functioning integral protection has three elements: legal (patent), physical (active element on the key) and procedural (security card). At models K6RX and T100RX, as well as at T200 we have a confirmed European patent. In this way, we can talk also about trademark protection: profiles TR and TL (inscription TITAN in the core / on the key profile).

In which cases do you offer modular cylinders?

Because of the characteristics of our production process we make fixed cylinders up to total lenght of 130 mm, where one side cannot exceed 70 mm. However, when we want to offer longer cylinders to our customers, we offer modular cylinders, i.e. assembled from special parts. Thus technically we assemble such cylinders in different ways, however for the client it is important only to define his requirements correctly. The longest modular cylinder can be 140 + 140 mm.

Why are Titan cylinders not protected against tearing?

This issue is in our R&D process. We wish to present such protection against tearing (breaking), that will be really effective and not only aesthetic . Even though some of the characteristics of profile cylinders are taken for granted nowadays (i.e. all serious competition has them), we have to point out the following: the standard DIN/EN 1303, according to which we have the certificates for our cylinders, precisely defines the parameters and their values and in this way grades the cylinders accordingly; on the other hand the use of cylinders with appropriate cylinder protectors deems such protection redundant.