N + G functionN+G-FUNKCIJA-2

The Double Cylinder with External Key Override enables the two plugs to operate independently on the same locking cam. Therefore the cylinder can be unlocked from any side with the second key, even if a key has been left in the cylinder in any position on the opposite side. Also when the door is accidentally closed (e. g. by a draught), unlocking with a second key is possible despite a key being inserted in any position in the cylinder on the other side. This particular function may be installed into cylinder locks with a minimum dimension of 27,5 mm from the cylinder face to the centreline of the cam. Left/right handed. Can be integrated in Master Key Systems.

Uses: apartments, blocks of flats, private dwellings, entrance and passage doors, youth hostels, old people's homes, power stations, transformer stations, industrial buildings, cellars, cold storage rooms, boiler rooms, fermentation rooms, etc.