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KamnikKamnik – the city, where the company DOM-TITAN is situated, lies almost in the very centre of Slovenia. We are not referring only to the geographical afiliation to the central Slovenia, but especially to a close connection with the econmic, administrative and cultural centre of Slovenia - Ljubljana, from which is Kamnik away approximately 20 km.

The medieval town – municipal document, dated in the first half of the 13. century, classifies it among the oldest cities in Slovenian region – offers a visitor an unique insight into the cultural development of the wider area. The wealth of architectural styles; Romanesque, late Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque is preserved to this day and gives the city an indelible mark
As Latin proverb says, time flies, and this also applies to our city, which has not dismissed the coming changes and the industrial development. A new city is growing along the old city centre, not as an opposite to it, but more as a logical continuation of a centuries-long history of the city.

Where we are?

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  • Trieste 120 km
  • Zagreb 150 km
  • Udine 158 km
  • Venice 250 km
  • Vienna 375 km
  • Munich 408 km
  • Milano 510 km
  • Budapest 550 km
  • Frankfurt 820 km