Security doors

Security doors or burglar proof doors today exist in several different versions. Handles, spy holes, colours and design solutions are entirely a matter of your own preferences and do not influence the doors' security, however, elements that do influence the security class of the doors and thus the safety of your home, are as follows: construction solutions, materials used, and above all the choice of locks and cylinders installed.
The most important part of the doors is the locking system and we offer you solutions for the most crucial part of the doors.


security door

Every door has its weak points, thus also the security doors!

Security doors are only as good as their weakest link, which are:

  • lock,
  • cylinder.

In order for your burglar proof door to be safe and long term useful it is necessary to chose a high quality lock and security cylinder.


You can see examples of security locks, which we offer also in our catalogue.

Security profile cylinders for burglar proof doors have specific dimensions and are ordered according to special customer needs.

Usually the total length of security cylinders is between 70 and 100 mm (depending on the thickness of the door), and we offer them in three versions, depending on the construction of the burglar proof doors:

Doubly security cylinder (e.g. 35 x 65 mm)

Varnostna vrata 6

Security cylinder with knob (e.g. 35 x 65 mm)

Varnostna vrata 7

Security cylinder with knob prolongation (30 x 30 mm + prolongation) for the original knob of burglar proof door

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Attention! There are cheaper versions of burglar proof doors on the market, however, before purchase it is necessary to consider all possible maintenance costs, that can consequentially raise the price of the purchased door to the price level of middle quality burglar proof doors.

Most of burglar proof doors require a long-neck key.

DOM-TITAN and DOM offer such models of security cylinders.


If you have burglar proof doors and you don't have a large double-bitted key, it means that you have a cylinder lock installed in your doors. In this case you can simply replace the cylinder with quality cylinders DOM-TITAN or DOM.

Such a solution usually includes the s.c. cylinder protector with accessories:

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Initially, the burglar proof doors are usually equipped with lower security elements, therefore you should demand an upgrade with DOM-TITAN or DOM security cylinders.

In addition to mechanical cylinders you can also install Dom Protector into security doors.

DOM Protector

Simple installation:Varnostna vrata 11

  • no cabling
  • no drilling into walls
  • installation into existing lock
  • powered by a small battery in the knob, easy to replace
  • possibility of installation on main entrance doors: security class IP54 


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DOM Protector is a unique high-quality product, patented until 2023.

Broad assortment:Varnostna vrata 13

  • DOM Protector VdS BZ+DOM Protector Basic/Basic Plus
  • DOM Protector Online
  • DOM Protector with two electronic knobs
  • DOM Protector EE (panic function)
  • DOM Protector DK – dismountable knob
  • DOM Protector PP (privacy protection)
  • DOM Protector FR (fire-resistant)
  • DOM Protector WR (water-resistant)


You can choose among 5 different keys-transponders*:

  • TAC – pendant from stainless steel
  • Clip Tac – adapter for classical key
  • Design Tac – robust and attractive pendant
  • Premium Tac – pendant from stainless steel
  • Card

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We can merge mechanical and electronic locking systems with Clip Tac: we have a transponder* for DOM Protector on a classical key-head.




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