Public buildings

In DOM-TITAN we offer a wide range of locks for locking cabinets for personal belongings and clothes in public areas - swimming pools, gyms, schools, supermarkets, shopping centres, libraries, etc. Locks are selected and modified according to the area and customer wishes.

Normal lamella cam locks are used for basic and simple locking of any type of the doors, made of wood, metal or plastic.


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Coin deposit locks are suitable for installation in cabinets either in dry or wet areas.

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The EL CAM lock

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EL CAM lock operates with a 4-digit customer code. There is also a 6-digit master code which can open the lock without changing the existing customer code. Each key press is folowed by a sound signal. EL CAM lock can be installed into any locker using existing cam locks by simple operation. Indeed, using the same fixing hole. This lock is operated by 1 battery 6F22 9V, which is included, and is available in 2 versions.

Multi-users model is recomended for the use in public facilities, where there is a big number of customers, such as: supermarkets, shopping centers, libraries, swimming pools, fitness centers, etc.
The user puts a lock into closed position by enetring a 4 digit code by their choice into the lock. Doors and lock will open after entering the same code again. When the door opens, the code will be erased automaticaly.

Single-user model can be used by facilities that have members or season-ticket holders, like member-area facilities, offices, sport centers, etc. Each member always has the same locker assigned,  and a 4-digit code they select is memorized by the lock. This code is not erased until a new member gets the locker assigned.



The TRONIC lock

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More and more people need access to lockers at a variety of locations every day to secure their valuables. Whether its at airports, hospitals, museums, shopping centres, libraries, play centres, stations, sport and health facilities or recreation centres. Tronic+ is the ideal solution for any environment, suitable for both wet or dry areas making them the ideal lock for swimming pools and sauna changing rooms. A truly durable product, that meets the demands and expectations of the leisure industry.

Tronic+ is a keyless electronic solution using a digital code. This lock is available in multi-user, as well as single user function and is suitable for any furniture or panel thickness. An inspection code and master code function are available to offer maximum security. The Tronic+ has been designed for dry and wet areas with an impressive IP65 resistance and an endurance test for more then 2.000.000 cycles.

The product can be easily installed by using the same fixing position as our Omega coin deposit lock.

The Tronic+ is operated by 4 batteries R03 AAA 1,5V, which are included.



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