DOM-TITAN in collaboration with the French company DOM-RONIS presents a group of products, that secure the working area mechanically. They prevent many possible injuries on people, who are working with electromechanical machines, electrical cabinets, installations and similar, as well as damages on equipment. By following all safety standards and rules, mechanical safeguards (locks) are made, which are linked in a hierarchical structure and operations to prevent any breaching the rules. The system is based on the basis of "captive" and "released" key.

Interlocking systems are one of the safest solutions using robust mechanical systems, where the principle of captive keys control the processes and thereby prevent procedural or human error.

The system provides

  • Complete protection of the environment in which work is undertaken in dangerous mechanical processes, high and medium voltage installations, screening and maintenances.
  • Control of hazards during operations. The principle of the system is to consider all aspects and rules of protection.

Each operation in the system is involved in the operation in a way that creates a hierarchy of operations within a predetermined sequence and to prevent any breaching of the rules.

Each element of risk is subject of locking and each lock is subject of management with an individual key.

Locks and their openings are mutually interdependent. Each key becomes “released” and therefore useful in the following the lock only after the previous key has been activated.



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