Educational institutions

A lot of classrooms and teacher's offices, just as many common premises and a lot of users are the main feature of educational institutions. Even more typical is a janitor with a large set of keys, trying to unlock the classroom.

Is this really necessary? We think not and we offer the solution for it.

We have a range of successful applications for security of universities, schools and kindergartens within the Securidev group.

DOM, DOM-TITAN, DOM-RONIS, DOM-METALUX, Euro-Elzett, Metalplast, Deny-Fontaine, DOM-CR and Picard-Serrures offer solutions to your problem.

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Kindergartens, schools and universities ate places, where there are a lot of people, therefore we must pay special attention to their safety. In the case of emergency the buildings need to be evacuated quickly and we cannot afford to have doors that remain locked or that only then we start searching for the key, we need special locks for emergency exit.

The Afora lock is made especially for these cases. Entering the room is possible as usual, that is with an authorized key. The exit, however, is possible with a push on the bar, which spreads along the whole width of the door. The push releases the lock and the door opens automatically.

In the case of fire or similar emergency, when the crowd gathers at the door, the door opens automatically when pushed against.  

There are several types of locks for different doors and you can see more in our catalogue.

For easier and simpler access to the classrooms the solution is the Master Key system – MKS.

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There are several possibilities: from simple to safer options, with patented keys or even electronic cylinders, which can be connected on or offline.


We can offer locking systems in basic cylinder versions with 5 pins and a special profile, in safety version with 6 pins and a special profile, or in T100 system, as well as in systems with TITAN and DOM patented keys.

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The process of choice and making of the locking system is as follows:

Firstly, we select a desired system in the locking system plan. You can make the plan yourself, however, we prefer you make one together with our experts.

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In the locking system planwe determine the number of doors and the size of the cylinder on one part of the table and the number of users on the other. By name based authorization (we can determine by name which person opens which room) we get a table, which is the basis for our calculation.

The system is given a code number and thus equipped goes into our production, and all acquired information is treated as business secret.

The client also receives the owner’s card with the locking system, which is the basis for all further orders of keys or upgrades to the system.

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The simplest locking system is the key alike system – KAS.

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This is a locking system suitable for more doors, which lead into one room, or more rooms that are used by the same users – we use different cylinders or sometimes padlocks, which open to one key only. This system can also be used if we have premises on different locations.

Central key system – CKSPoslovne zgradbe 10

This system is designed for main entrances into schools, kindergartens, dorms and universities, and other common premises, such as toilettes or similar. Each individual can unlock the rooms determined in the locking system plan with a key to their office, however, they cannot unlock other rooms, which are not a part of this locking system plan.


Upgrade to the previous system is a simple master key system – SMKS.

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This system enables unlocking of more rooms, which are otherwise unlocked individually with separate keys, also with one special, s.c. MASTER key. This system is useful in dorms, where every student has a key to their room, and the manager of the dorm has one key, that opens all the rooms.

More systems can be linked into one, bigger locking system, which is the grand master key system – GMKS.

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We recommend this system for larger facilities, which are divided into smaller units, as well as for the schools and kindergartens, which are organized in separate locations. Each individual has its own key and the access to the premises according to their authorization. All of the above stated locking systems are possible within this particular one, and in the end all the cylinders are unlocked by one key, the so called master key.


A similar solution is also offered by DOM Protector cylinder with an electronic knob for the control of access and locking systems.

Simple installation:


  • no cabling
  • no drilling into walls
  • installation into existing lock
  • powered by a small battery in the knob, easy to replace
  • possibility of installation on main entrance doors: security class IP54  

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DOM Protector is a unique high-quality product, patented until 2023.
Broad assortment:

  • DOM Protector VdS BZ+DOM Protector Basic/Basic Plus
  • DOM Protector Online
  • DOM Protector with two electronic knobs
  • DOM Protector EE (panic function)
  • DOM Protector DK – dismountable knob
  • DOM Protector PP (privacy protection)
  • DOM Protector FR (fire-resistant)
  • DOM Protector WR (water-resistant)

You can choose among 5 different keys-transponders*:

  • TAC – pendant from stainless steel
  • Clip Tac – adapter for classical key
  • Design Tac – robust and attractive pendant
  • Premium Tac – pendant from stainless steel
  • Card

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We can merge mechanical and electronic locking systems with Clip Tac: we have a transponder* for DOM Protector on a classical key-head.





There can be several problems with a large number of locker users:

  • Loss of user keys, consequentially breaking of locks and lockers
  • Forgetting user keys at home
  • Same key opens more lockers (possibility of theft!)
  • Locker control or emergency access without user present
  • Worn out old lockers

Most of these problems can be avoided by using the master key locking system. The number of possibilities is lower with furniture locks and padlocks in comparison with the cylinder locks; however, we can still reach up to 200 locks within the master key locking system. The locks are numbered, which makes additional ordering of keys or change of locks easier, we always unlock or lock them with the master key.

The type of lock depends on the locker, therefore you should always refer to our expert for professional advice.

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Locking with PADLOCK 25 or 35

We can make a locking system of padlocks, where each group also has a master key.


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Locking with KO13-W, KO13, EI13 or KO 11 locks

All these locks use a normal size key and can be connected to the system in your door, that is the master key system.

KO13-W enables continuation of an existing already built in locking system to the locker locking. The keys are protected with a safety card, whereas all the lockers (Ø=27 mm) can be unlocked by a master key.

KO13 enables locking of 280 locker without repetition and a master key, that opens all the lockers (Ø=27 mm).

There is also a possibility of individual locker keys, without the master key.

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Locking with KO10 lock

KO10 enables locking of 250 locker without repetition and a master key, that opens all the lockers (Ø=24 mm)

There is also a possibility of individual locker keys, without the master key.


Locks for all your doors

In addition to the locking systems, we offer all sorts of locks for wooden, glass, PVC or aluminum doors, iron or anti-fire doors, as well as for burglar proof doors.

List of references

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  • SREDNJA ŠOLA ZAGORJE, Zagorje ob Savi
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