Certifikat ISO 9001DOM-TITAN is a leading Slovenian company in the production of mechanical protection of doors and locks for the furniture industry.

We are one of few companies with more than 100 years of tradition and experience. We pride ourselves upon excellent references and by well recognised and established brand.

Nearby the company there is also a factory shop, where we, in addition to affordable and comprehensive purchase of mortise locks, profile cylinders, visible hardware (safety levers HOPE, DICKMAN), also offer products of our associated companies »DOM SECURITY«, key making, profile cylinder repairs, etc.

The results of intensive development, which is carried out on the advanced 3D programme One-space-modelling and 2D One-space-drafting and investments, are reflected in a number of new safer profile cylinders and new safety locks that are successfully marketed on the Western market.

Due to complexity of the Western market has DOM-TITAN almost entirely migrated to the production of locks and profile cylinders according to EN and DIN standards and thus adopted to the future European norms.

In the production process we follow and thus invest into state-of-the-art computer-based technologies, allowing us to produce even more demanding and complex products as well as higher quality in the production of products. We have permanent contacts with specialized institutions in the field of property protection, both home and abroad:

  • German Institute PIV for certifying according to European and German standards,
  • Trezor Test from Czech Republic
  • CNPP from France

All these institutions review our products every year to make sure that they conform to requirements. In addition, our products are also tested in our own testing laboratory. 

We also have a tradition in the field of plumbing and heating installations, where we are most recognizable by multi-layer pipe system (ALUMPLAST / UNIPIPE / UPONOR MLCP). We have been cooperating with the leading and the largest manufacturer of installation material in this area in Europe, with the company UPONOR GmbH. 




DOM SECURITY is one of the leading manufacturers and is a specialist in the field of locking systems and equipment for these purposes. It has earned the reputation of a great producer and partner in the European market in the field of business and domestic protection of property rights in three areas of its operation:

  • access control (brands Dom and Deny/Fontaine)
  • equipment protection (brand DOM-RONIS)
  • protection of property (brands DOM-TITAN, Picard, DOM-METALUX, Beugnost)


Sale of Titan's products may be divided into sets or five product families:

  • Profile cylinders
    This covers all cylinders and cylinder locks, which are manufactured for the market, including DOM-RONIS programme, which was made in DOM-TITAN and cylinders under our partner's brands. Our products fall in the middle class – good quality at reasonable price.
  • Locking systems
    Locking systems are manufactured mainly for the markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Macedonia, mainly due to logistics. We have, increased the sale of cylinders in parts, referred to as service cylinders, which our customers may use for making locking systems or as per their own plans of locking. With this form we reached the markets of France, Czech Republic, Poland..
  • Mortise locks
    With the relocation of the manufacture in MPC Poland, a part of locks is obtained from there and another part is manufactured by us. Our locks come in three standards SIST, DIN, O-NORM.
  • Safety locks - DOM-CR
    This is new programme for us, and in the last year we conquested the production of most locks. Traditional markets of Italy, Spain and Portugal will continue to be under commerce of DOM-CR Torino, while our company takes care of existing customers in the Central and Eastern Europe and, of course, new customers.
  • UPONOR programme
    DOM-TITAN has been marketing the Uponor programme for more than 15 years. Besides sale we continuously implement training and education programmes for installers and project engineers. We are recognizable on the domestic market, where we also have the leading role. Uponor is far ahead of all competition according to the assortment it offers. Also in the field of special solutions. We are beginning with the sale of the Pe-Xa pipe system. This system should be an effective response to competition in the lower price range of water supply system and partially under floor heating system. In addition, we also plan to increase sales of special solutions and industrial applications.