• 1896
    Czech engineer Špalek buys the mill and starts with production of metallic elements, including locks
  • 1908
    new owner of the company is Ms. Anne Hartmann
  • 1909
    company is taken over by PhD. Hermann Bessemer KREINISCHE EISENWAREN FABRIK G.m.b.H. in Stein.
  • 1911/12
    Mr. JOSIP BROZ – TITO, later President of the SFRJ is one of the Titan’s employees
  • 1914-18
  • 1919kljucavnice stare
    Manufacture of the first mortise locks and start-up of a foundry
  • 1922
  • 1925
    Factory buys OLT from Osijek / Croatia
  • 1933-1939
    Manufacture of hardware for doors, furniture locks, coffee grinders and meat mixers. In the years before the WW II. the company experienced a dramatic progress.
  • 1933
    the company adapted its production into manufacture of fittings, furniture locks, scales, weights and various household  appliances. The factory survived the war intact and has continued with intensive production of the mentioned programmes.
  • 1945-48MONTAZA 1960
    Titan becomes a state company in a socialist country.
  • In the 60's
    of the previous century the company finalized its manufacture programme, which with some minor variations forms the core of the today and the future development of Titan: we modernized the foundry and processing of iron and began with making of cylinder locks.
  • 1962
    Modernization of equipment and beginning of cylinder production. First products for export...
  • 1970
    we began introducing a programme for foodstuff industry, which later shut down, and a programme of products for the single pipe heating system, which is successfully marketed by Titan today.
  • 1974
    “Computerization” of the company with an IBM computer
  • 1990montaza cilindri 1
    Beginning the process of privatization
  • In 1995 was our quality system rewarded with certificate ISO 9001, and for product quality with a DIN certificate for cylindrical locks, which allowed the company's existence on conquered foreign markets and to penetrate new markets.
  • 1996
    in accordance with the Ownership Transformation of Companies Act is TITAN entered into the companies' register as a public limited company. At the same time our company experienced organizational and status changes.
  • 2001
    Exclusion of casting activity, casting programme takes place within the company POSLOVNI SISTEM CIMOS,Titan Livarna d.o.o. Service and product programme has not changed.
  • 2002
    In September and November we received a new offer for the acquisition and purchase by the Securidev DAD
  • 2003
    TITAN after the acquisition obtained majority ownership of French companies Securidev and Decayeux Industrie and became a member of Securidev Group.
  • 2003
    New ISO certificate 9001/2000
  • 2004
    Development of industrial and commercial synergies with the Group.
  • 2004Certifikat ISO 9001
    Slovenia's entry in Europe
  • 2005
    Transfer of the tool shop into an independent subsidiary company (EURO-TOOLS under 100% ownership of TITAN d.d.)
  • 2008
    introduction of a new information system referred to as Navision
  • 2009
    part of the manufacture of mortise locks is transferred from Titan into subsidiary company Metalplast to Poland, and the manufacture of safety locks is transferred from CR Torino in our company. The company begins making higher safety class cylinder locks.
  • 2010
    Restoration assessment ISO 9001/2008


  • 2015
    Company name change to DOM-TITAN, security locking solutions d.d.